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High Performance Eco-Surfboards

Shaping the Future of Surfboard


Transparency for uncompromising surfers

Surf. As surfers, nature is our home. We cannot stand seeing plastic waste ending up in the ocean or burnt.

Performance. We know how important it is to have a high-performance and well suited surfboard.

Sustainability. Traditional surfboards are made from petrochemical toxic materials and travel over thousands of kms. We are convinced there is a more sustainable and local solution.

Innovation. We had to rethink from the ground up the way surfboards are designed and made, by leveraging the most advanced technologies.

High-Performance Eco-Surfboard

    Custom-made. Wanna rip waves? Wanna nose riding? We do anything you want, we do anything you need.

    Bio-based and Recycled Materials. No foam inside, just air and 3D printed structure.

    Locally produced. We control the whole value chain, from waste to your surfboard. The materials should not travel more than you do in your entire life.

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Our Story

We were born in France, an outstanding country for boardsports.

For 10 years, we have skied in the Alps, skated all around, and surfed on the whole Atlantic coast.

Guided by the same values, we want to keep practicing these sports that shaped our friendship. However, surfing at the expense of planet Earth’s future is not even an option!


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