What drives us

Our Starting Point.

We’ve been friends for 10 years and surfing has always been the core of our friendship. As surfers we can unfortunately see that our planet Earth is changing. The climate is warming up, biodiversity is threatened and we find plastic inside the ocean and on our favourite beaches. Current production and consumption patterns are responsible for this.

At HEXA Surfboard, we are deeply convinced we can act to counter these changes. Most of surfers are also feeling this way. We can all act to preserve our dear Nature and beloved Ocean.


Surfers cannot be part of this.

Surfing is a demanding sport that requires high-performance equipment, but surfing is above all a state of mind, a community. By buying surfboards, this community today is forced to use petrochemical materials and generate toxic waste.

Whether in the local small shaper warehouse or in the famous californian factories, it has been 60 years that polyurethane and polyester are polluting our air and ocean. And these raw materials travel around 10 000 kms before the surfboard is delivered to the customer.


Surfers deserve better. They have the right to surf more transparent surfboards.

Offering surfers more sustainable solutions.

While many industries see eco-responsibility as a constraint, we see it as a strength and an opportunity to innovate and to proudly create better products. We believe that technology can complement hand-made work to make fully customized surfboards that match both the level and the values of surfers.

We are confident that each and every surfer can be a climate ambassador, riding proudly his custom-made Eco-Surfboard.

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How we are changing surfboard manufacturing



A traditional surfboard generates a lot of transport and waste along its value chain.

  • Given a 3-kilogram surfboard, more than 6 kg of non-recycled petrochemical waste are generated.

  • The foam being used in most of the boards is fragile and non recyclable.

  • Around 10,000 km are travelled by the elements composing a single surfboard, because of the intermediaries and outsourcing.

We do not want this type of manufacturing anymore.

We Believe

By rethinking the traditional manufacturing processes, it is possible to significantly reduce transport, waste and the use of non-recyclable petrochemical materials.

More transparent surfboards means more transparent process and approach. You may wonder what's inside our special honeycomb surfboard.

Our goal is to make boards from ocean plastic waste, so that purchasing a great surfboard will no longer hurt the environment, and will even help cleaning our oceans from plastic pollution.

Our first step

To achieve this purpose we are offering you a more eco-responsible surfboard made from corn starch.

That means, no more petrochemical foam, fewer waste and a bio-based resin.

By purchasing this first model, you help us carry on our R&D to up-cycle plastic waste in to high-performance surfboards.

Ready to change the surfboard industry with us?



Sylvain Fleury

Born optimistic, Sylvain is ready to paddle hard to push surfing beyond the current limits. You can find him anywhere outdoor. In the mountain, forest or ocean, Sylvain finds a sport that makes him feel closer to the nature. Always concerned by the impact of his products, he naturally wanted to use his engineering background to make his passion more sustainable.


Mylene Wang

Over the sea or overseas, Mylène lives for oceans and sun. Exploring new sports or creative fields, she’s always down for fun and also loves a bad pun. With engineering and communication degrees as a guide, she’s ready to put it all for the sake of the ride, reconnecting surf to its eco-friendly and inclusion roots at the rhythm of the tide.


Léo Bouffier

You might see him at a Climate March, in his native Brittany surf spot or in a fablab. As a nature lover and engineer specialized in oceanography, he wants to live his passion for waves through HEXA Surfboard! Leo cares for details and has a perfect vision of the board’s curvatures and design. High performance is not even an option for him.


Jeremy Fleury


Lison Compañy

Web Development

Corentin Macias


Thomas Duvinage

Supply Chain

Frequently Asked Questions

Why creating HEXA Surfboard?

HEXA Surfboard is born out of the observation that while 80% of surfers are keen on adopting sustainable consumption habits, surfboards are extremely polluting and have known only few innovation these last 60 years.
As a team of surfers and tech-lover engineers, we’ve decided to create a whole new way of producing and distributing surfboards. By using advanced technologies, we build high-performance sustainable surfboards that perfectly match surfers’ expectations and values. And cherry-on-the-top, our board comes with a totally new and outstanding transparent design, for a completely satisfying experience.
As our users are our main concern, we are building the smoothest purchase experience as possible, and are really eager to engage with you within our strong world-changing surfers community.

What is a HEXA Surfboard?

HEXA Surfboard is the perfect surfboard tailor-made for you and your surfing habits. It is a sustainable surfboard that makes no compromise with high performance. Its outstanding transparent design will make you feel even more connected with the ocean you’re riding on. We use the most advanced technologies to optimise its fit to you needs and dreams.
Don’t hesitate to answer our survey to tell us what your dream surfboard is!

Where can I see a HEXA Surfboard?

 Instagram  Facebook
Follow us on our social media or subscribe to our newsletter to be part of our next test sessions, in both French and Californian West Coasts. You will be able to see them, feel them and even try one of them on beautiful waves. You will soon be able to come and visit us at our secret ShopFactory!

Where can I buy a board?

Today you can already pre-order your personalized HEXA Surfboard as an early tester.
Register on our waiting list and stay connected for the future batches of preorders!

Where are you located?

We are located in Anglet (South West Coast of France) and soon in California. Please feel free to reach us if you’re around.

How nice are your boards?

We are very proud of our very original transparent and geometrical design, so don’t hesitate to check our various photos on our Instagram  account.
Please, feel free to share your own photos with our boards, we would be thrilled to see them along with their owners!

Is it recyclable?

We are developing a process to recycle 100% of the plastic of our surfboards, in order to directly reuse this recycled plastic to build brand new ones!

How much plastic is necessary to make a board?

We use between 1,5 and 2 kg of recycled plastic to manufacture one surfboard.

How much does a surfboard cost?

A surfboard cost between 800 and 1200€, depending on the level of customization.

HEXA-Tester: How much does the tailor-made HEXA Surfboard of the first batch cost?

All of our tailor-made surfboards under 7 feet have the unique price of 800€.

HEXA-Tester: Should I pay now?

You only pay the first half of the price now, and the remaining amount when your own customized surfboard is ready.

HEXA-Tester: Am I eligible to buy one?

Our first models are available in France.

When will I get my surfboard as an HEXA-Tester?

Your HEXA Surfboard will be delivered by June 2020 (or before).