What drives us

Our Starting Point.

We know for sure that our planet Earth is changing. The climate is warming up, biodiversity is threatened and plastic continents are being created. Current production and consumption patterns are responsible for this.

At HEXA Surfboard, we are deeply convinced we can act to counter these changes. Most of surfers are also feeling this way. We can all act to preserve our dear Nature and beloved Ocean.


Surfers cannot be part of this.

Surfing is a demanding sport that requires high-performance equipment, but surfing is above all a state of mind, a community. By buying surfboards, this community today is forced to use petrochemical materials and generate toxic waste.

Whether in the local small shaper warehouse or in the famous californian factories, it has been 60 years that polyurethane and polyester are polluting our air and ocean. And these raw materials travel around 10 000 kms before the surfboard is delivered to the customer.


Surfers deserve better. They have the right to surf more transparent surfboards.

Offering surfers more sustainable solutions.

While many industries see eco-responsibility as a constraint, we see it as a strength and an opportunity to constantly find innovation. We believe that technology can complement hand made work to make fully customized surfboards that match surfer’s level and spirit.

We are confident that each and every surfer can be a climate ambassador, riding proudly his custom-made Eco-Surfboard.



Sylvain Fleury


Born optimistic, Sylvain is ready to paddle hard to push surfing beyond the current limits. You can find him anywhere outdoor. In the mountain, forest or ocean, Sylvain finds a sport that makes him feel closer to the nature. Always concerned by the impact of his products, he naturally wanted to use his engineering background to make his passion more sustainable.


Léo Bouffier


You might see him at a Climate March, in his native Brittany surf spot or in a fablab. As a nature lover and engineer specialized in oceanography, he wants to live his passion for waves through HEXA Surfboard! Leo cares for details and has a perfect vision of the board’s curvatures and design. High performance is not even an option for him.


Jeremy Fleury


Lison Compañy

Web Development

Corentin Macias


Mylene Wang


Thomas Duvinage

Supply Chain